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Pretty Good Advice Cafe is Serving up organic, locally sourced dishes!

Pretty Good Advice’s food is grounded right here in Santa Cruz county, with most of their ingredients sourced from their own 83-acre farm in the Santa Cruz mountains. Featuring a fully vegetarian menu (including a housemate vegan hamburger patty), the restaurant is committed to living light on the earth. They even recycle their scraps back to the farm, turning them into chicken feed, which then becomes fertilizer for growing more veggies.

Featuring “hyper-seasonal” ingredients, expect the flavors of their sides, soups, salads and ice cream to change week by week. Open 9-5 daily and now serving on their front and back patios, or preparing take-out, this delightful spot is worth a trip to Soquel.

Want a beer with your burger? Look in their fridge for local brews, like New Bohemian, Rustic Ales, and Fruition Brewing.

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