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5 Tips to Increasing Value of Your Santa Cruz Home

With the fall selling season just around the corner, it’s time for homeowners to give serious thought to the prospect of listing their home. Particularly when it’s likely that you will be entering the Santa Cruz market soon, when it comes to the important decision regarding setting the price of the property, it’s helpful to keep in mind that there is a meaningful difference between “price” and “value.”  

Price is the amount that a seller asks for their property — it’s that all-important number at the top of the listing that seeks to describe where it belongs in the hierarchy of homes for sale. But the fact is, it is different from the value — which is the amount the property is worth. The value is based on many factors, among them location (neighborhood and placement within the neighborhood), current market supply and demand, condition, distinguishing features of the property, and more. 

You can’t change the location of a home, nor the current market conditions — but by improving the property, a savvy seller can increase the value of their property. Dian Hymer is a nationally syndicated real estate columnist who has often written on the subject. She cites one example of location as a value determinant: “An incurable defect, like being located next to a freeway or on a busy street, is something that can’t be corrected.” On the other hand, she points out how other factors, like details whose maintenance has been deferred, are eminently correctable. That is why the oft-heard advice about the importance of improving a property before it comes to market are so on-target.

Tips to Increasing the Value of Your Home

Deep clean the home

Hire a professional for this one. For a few hundred dollars your home can be spotless and ready for market.

Correct deferred maintenance items

Leaves in the gutters? Weeds in the garden? Take an afternoon to clear those up and it will make all the difference in photos and to potential buyers.

Clear out clutter

We love our homes to feel lived in and homey, but the reality is the fewer items that are in the home the bigger it feels. The bigger the home, the more value it has.


We know you love your family photo wall gallery, but potential buyers want to be able to envision themselves in the house, so do yourself a favor and remove any personal items.

Re-paint, re-fresh and re-organize!

A little paint and refinishing can go a long way!

Some elements of property value can’t be changed, but a savvy seller can still materially raise that value – which is the real secret to fetching a higher price.

If you are looking to sell your Santa Cruz property this fall, we have a marketing plan that can start right now – 30 days before listing – to help bring you top dollar. Contact us at today to set the wheels in motion!



413 Polo Ranch Road, Scotts Valley, California 95066

SOLD $2,150,000

4 beds • 3.5 baths • 3400 SF

Single Family Home

558 Richardson Road, Santa Cruz, CA 95065

SOLD $1,378,000

3 beds • 2 baths • 1956 SF

Single Family Home

554 Bean Creek Road, Scotts Valley, CA 95066

SOLD $1,720,000

4 beds • 3 baths • 2868 SF

Single Family Home

4486 Yacht Harbor Drive, Stockton CA 95204

LISTED $2,299,000

4 beds • 3.5 baths • 5160 SF

Single Family Home

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