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Preserving our Santa Cruz Trees

I read a great article today in the NY Times regarding trees and how it has turned out that they are great, big giant recording devices. The circles in the trunk tell stories about past climate, ecosystems, galactic events and civilizations.  In fact, there are now over 400 labs researching trees to understand our past and determine the effects of climate change.


This article reminded of why I am on the Board of the Mountain Parks Foundation and how important it is that we continue to foster and advocate for our Santa Cruz trees. The Mountain Parks Foundation is a 501C(3) not-for-profit organization established in 1973 as one of the First three California State Park Cooperating Associations.

What does that mean? We have partnered with California State Parks so that we can provide even more enrichment and educational programs for our Santa Cruz Trees to help inform our visitors and community. Our partnership has been recognized as a model organization because it works so well and we have been so effective because of the partnership. Our main goals is to ensure the preservation of the natural habitats including our Santa Cruz Trees and cultural history of our State Parks through enrichment and educational programs.

I have found in my own line of work, collaborating and partnership is everything. You will have a hard time in our business if you don’t know how to collaborate to get the deal done. And I also believe that working at a company like Sereno Group provides tools, education and collaborative environment for agents buts also our clients.

The bar to entry to become a Realtor is low. So many times I have seen an agent who is not informed of new laws or even how to write an offer submitting on behalf of their client. And most times, the clients are simply unaware. Make sure you work with a reputable agent and also confirm that they are part of a company like Sereno Group that provides up to date education and tools to their agents. Sereno Group also gives back to local nonprofits through their 1% program. Our 1% program has given to causes to help preserve our Santa Cruz Trees.  The agents who work at Sereno Group are of like-mind. It’s nice to work with nice people who are helping nice people buy and sell real estate.

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