4 Home Maintenance Tasks To Do This Winter

4 Home Maintenance Tasks To Do This Winter
Even though we haven’t had much of a winter here in Santa Cruz County, we have had our fair share of rain and with rain comes, mud! Downed trees, roads that washed away and mud being tracked into our homes – three things, that though we are eager for the rain, we aren’t so thankful for.
Try these four easy home maintenance tasks that will help keep our eye on the prize (Spring time!) and keep your home clean, organized, and mud free at the same time!

Four Easy Home Maintenance Tasks


Deep Clean Your Entryway

Boots. Shovels. Dirt. Water. Mud. Your entryway floors, baseboards, rugs, get put through the wringer during the winter months. Try giving this tiny, mostly forgotten, room some deep cleaning love now, and you will thank yourself later.

Your Anti-Mud Plan

The best way to combat mud and to stop it from being tracked through your house is to come up with a plan for ground cover outside. Covering like gravel, decorative river rocks, or even grass can help you combat the mud!

Organize Your Closets and Laundry Room

Sometimes our laundry rooms just need a good deep clean, other times a renovation is called for, but in either case, it is a perfect project to do this winter! Whether you want your laundry room Pinterest worthy or just functional and organized, start your spring cleaning early!
And those closets? You know the ones where things go to die? Do yourself a favor, pull everything out and organize it. Keep what you want and donate what you don’t!
There is no better time than the present.

Hire a Handy-person

Now, what about those projects that we know need to get done but we don’t have the skills or the time for? Enter handy-people. There are peak seasons to hire handy persons (Spring and Summer) so skip the price hike and the long wait times, and hire someone during the winter to get those projects done!

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