Spring Is In The Air! Let’s Get To Cleaning!

Spring Is In The Air! Let’s Get To Cleaning!
With Spring literally just days away now is the perfect time to think about spring cleaning and tidying up for the warmer months ahead. Do you take time to think about the household cleaning products that you use? I really didn’t until my friend Sarah mentioned “clean” cleaning products. Seems weird to say, I know.
I started doing some digging and learned all about the conventional products that we use and how they aren’t great for our health or our HOMES! Did you know the standard products you use could be harming your septic tank? If you have a septic tank, listen up! Common household products that we don’t think twice about can wreak havoc on your septic system, costing you a lot more than the cleaning product did!

Here are some cleaning products to look out for as well as alternatives and substitutes!

  • Ammonia + Bleach – Great for cleaning bathrooms but large amounts can cause serious damage to your pipes and septic system. This is because due to bleach’s antibacterial properties, it can suppress the bacteria that break down solids in your septic tank. Alternative: You could try an all-natural homemade bleach, by mixing hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice (or lemon essential oil), baking soda, and water.
  • Laundry Detergent – The detergent used to wash clothes typically contains contaminants like phosphates and surfactants, which makes it great for cleaning, but bad for your health because those chemicals can soak into your drain field and contaminate your drinking water! Alternative: There are plenty of plant-based detergents that are becoming more popular and accessible in stores, so consider a product swap the next time you run out. It is important to remember that detergent is more concentrated than soap, so a little goes a long way.
  • Drain Cleaner – PSA, drain cleaner isn’t all that great for your drain and using drain cleaner too often can drastically affect your septic system from working properly by harming the bacteria in the tank that breaks everything down. Alternative: Try a homemade remedy of baking soda paired with vinegar or lemon juice.
If you have any questions about non toxic cleaning alternatives, there are great resources out there, Google can be you best friend and also lead to overwhelm, trust, I know, so reach out and we can steer you in the right direction!

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