Now Is the Time to Spring-Clean Your Home

Now Is the Time to Spring-Clean Your Home
Every spring I get the urge to clean and clear out my home, to breathe new life and fresh air into my space. But my life is busy and I can’t afford to drop everything to clean for a week. Probably you can’t, either.
Here are some tips to get your house clean, strategically, and with a bit less effort.

Break up the job into manageable chunks

You don’t have to clean the whole house, all at once! Pick one area that really needs attention, or spread the job out by choosing one area a day or week to focus on. these printable spring cleaning checklists will make sure you hit all the important areas.

Focus on seasonal tasks

Focus your attention on areas that will be used most in the upcoming season. Do the yard cleanup, rotate your mattress, clean outdoor furniture, and toys, clean your reusable water bottle, spruce up your workout gear, dust, and fertilize indoor plants.

Clear and organize the clutter

There’s nothing that makes a house feel better, faster than cleaning up the clutter and letting it go. Donate unwanted items to local charities (Hope’s Closet is great for kid’s gear, Walnut Avenue Women’s Center takes clothes to help disadvantaged women and kids, and Grey Bears takes just about everything).
Feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start? Here’s a guide to doing a spring declutter.
If you are thinking of selling any time soon, clearing out the clutter now will help when you are ready to stage and show your home.

Hire out the deep cleaning

If you simply don’t have the time or energy to tackle a spring clean right now, no shame. You can hire a cleaning service to do a one-time deep clean, or a regular rotation to help you keep on top of things. If you’ve never hired a cleaning service before, here are some tips to help you out.
What area will you tackle first?

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