The New Aptos Village

The New Aptos Village
It seems like every couple of weeks I hear about a new business opening or expanding into Aptos Village. Aptos, home of the shortest 4th of July parade, the sleepy, quiet spot between Santa Cruz and Watsonville? That doesn’t seem like the spot I imagine for all of these new businesses!
Something is happening in Aptos, what is it?
The new Aptos Village is what is happening there. Spearheaded by local building company Barry Swenson Builders, the vision of Aptos Village is to create “a vibrant community with a social heart,” arranging residential and retail space around a village common. Designed around the pedestrian, the plan “provides convenient access to lively social spaces, recreation, small shops, restaurants, neighborhood events.”
One of the fascinating things about this development is its commitment to green building and positive environmental impact. The project has registered and applied for LEED-ND certification, and also includes these design notes in the 2012 project permits:
  • Co-locating homes and commercial space with the intent to decrease overall traffic in the area.
  • The 69 new residential development units save 160- 200% of the water they will use.
  • The design has a more pervious surface area, including rain gardens and bioswales to maximize stormwater performance on the property.
  • 15% of the residential for-sale units are Measure J Affordable, as well as including small, more affordable units that may appeal to entry-level owners.
  • A large amount of parking is provided but is cleverly designed so that you don’t see it wherever you look (for example, placing a garage behind retail, instead of placing a lot in front.)
Some of the businesses already committed to the Village space itself are New Leaf Market, Sereno Group, The Penny Ice Creamery, Cat and Cloud Coffee, Sockshop and Shoe Company, and the rising hotspot Mentone (recently a featured business in our Instagram feed!).
Other businesses that have expanded to Aptos, near the new Aptos Village space include DIG Gardens, Parish Publick House, and Burger. Clearly, Aptos is the place to be!
Although the multi-phase project is still underway, a portion of both residential and commercial spaces are now open and definitely worth a visit. Check here if you are interested in either commercial or residential space.

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